Dichroic Disco

Art Installation I made for What The Festival
What The Festival Website: http://whatthefestival.com/
What The Festival write up on my installation: http://whatthefestival.com/experience-2/the-illuminated-forest/dichroic-disco/
About What The Festival
What The Festival attracts over seven thousand participants a year and is located on the edge of the Mount Hood National Forest and has an electronic music and visual art component.
About My Project
Dichroic Disco is an original art installation I designed and built for What The Festival. I received a grant to build this piece. 
Dichroic Disco is an interactive cube filled with Dichroic Film that refracts colorful light in the day and night. It’s use of color, light, and motion is a representation of how we interact with music. The cube can be pushed and spun by participants, which changes the speed in which light is refracted off of the Dichroic Film.​​​​​​​
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