Information Design, The McCormack-Williamson Tract

Information Design on the water issues facing California.

Design 191C, California Water Management Information Design
The class was about the issues of water managment within California and how information design could create discussion to many of the issues that California faces. The final project for the class was to create a design solution for the McCormack-Williamson Tract, which is located on the California Delta. The tract originally is apart of a river plain that changed frequently by tides, rain, and river movement. During Californias delta re-engineering to serve agriculture and water to Californians, the tract was converted to farmland.
The McCormack-Williamson Tract was purchased by the state to be returned back to its natural state. We were asked by the McCormack-Williamson Tract board to present them with options that would attract people to the area and inform them on the areas natural history. The following video I made with two other partners. When we presented our proposal to the board, it was the most well recieved of all.
This poster I designed with my classmate Angela shows the water we consumed as University of California Students on a micro and a macro scale. 
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